Time Is The Enemy (final Project)


Time Is The Enemy ( Thesis)

Time is the enemy. From a natural aspect, all life forms must come to an end. From a human cultural aspect, society has transformed time to a corrupted deal that can be used to manipulate and deceive the culture. For this project, I created a short metaphorical and surrealist animated film in demonstration of the twisted effectiveness of the cultural aspect of time.

Art 415 Final project Still images

A symbolic scene

This is one of the scene that will be used in my short animation. This video setting isn’t exactly what I want but since this is just a quick update, I decided to leave it like that and will adjust everything at once I have all the scenes ready to edit.

The idea of this seen is a connected to the ‘fighting for the remote scene’ scene which hold the semiotic meaning to this scene. I decided to integrate it with with a fertilization race because the concept is pretty similar in a way. The hands fighting for the remote is indicating a fight for  the higher status, emblematic of  of human struggles for hierarchies. So I thought the ideology of having a fertilization would be a great feature since it involves a race and fighting between many eggs to achieve one common goal and that is to be on top to fertilize the egg.